Carlos Diaz

Carlos Diaz, co-founder of The Refiners, Kwarter

Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of The Refiners, Kwarter (2011) blueKiwi Software (2006 sold to ATOS) & groupe Reflect Web Agency (1996 now Emakina).

As a entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience in strategic management, Carlos has amassed a successful track record of innovative startup growth. At 23, Carlos co-founded Reflect Digital Agency in Paris. After Reflect was acquired by the Emakina group, he went on to form blueKiwi, which became a European leader in Social Enterprise Software and has been sold to ATOS in 2012. From 2011 to December 2015, Carlos focused on building Kwarter, a San Francisco based company determined to revolutionize how people interact with Live TV programs.

After many years spent in Silicon Valley, Carlos decided to help foreign founders succeed here because he strongly believes they can see things from a different perspective and create amazing global startups no matter where they come from. Carlos is now managing The Refiners, a Cross Border accelerator that helps foreign startups thrive in Silicon Valley.

In September 2012, Carlos founded a group calling themselves “Les Pigeons” who quickly shot to 75,000 members, set up as a protest against Hollande’s planned doubling of capital gains tax to 60 percent.

Born in 1973, the guitar player and rock’n roll lives now in San Francisco since 2010.